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07 Jul 2018 20:16 - 07 Jul 2018 20:17 #1 by Ebony Hale (ChelseaYeats)
LOST: Unicorn Ring was created by Ebony Hale (ChelseaYeats)
Hey guys, I left my character's ig engagement ring in the kitchen by the dish rack on sunday. Went back after the Eden fight for it and it was gone. Hopefully someone has it. It looks like the attached image. Willing to pay for it to be shipped home. Find me on Facebook if you have it or know of its whereabouts.

Ebony Hale
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08 Jul 2018 21:45 #2 by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist)
Replied by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist) on topic LOST: Unicorn Ring
I have it! :D

The kitchen crew dropped it off at Lost and Found and I couldn't find you before we left.

~ Joe G.

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